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92.7 Lake FM
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LAKE FM broadcasts to a large rural base located around Albert’s biggest lake, Lesser Slave Lake. Serving Wabasca and the MD of Opportunity with the new 94.3 LAKE FM transmitter. In fact we take pride and honor the foundation and heritage of our area by being LAKE FM
The area economy is diverse with Slave Lake nestled on the lake and surrounded by tourism, lumber, oil, gas. Growing and dynamic, Slave Lake boasts over 6,700 residents with another 2800 residents in the MD of Big Lakes. The spin off of the areas rich natural resource base is evident with expanding retail and service trades. With our repeater in Wabasca the reach of LAKE FM includes Alberta Oil Sands development area in the MD of Opportunity. The CRISP report assumes that the Wabasca/ Desmaraisarea will likely –and in time –contribute some 200,000 bpd to total Athabasca Oil Sands Area production.
Demographically, the medium age is 34.6 years split evenly between male and females. With a population base of well over 13,000 consumers, tourism attractions abound throughout the region expanding the population significantly in the summer.
Celebrating over 25 years of service:
Keeping our audience informed with news, weather, sports, community events, sales and special events. In fact, we are our areas only daily source for this relevant information. No other media can boast this commitment to our communities.
Our principal listenership encompasses Slave Lake, Wabasca, Kinuso and Big Lakes County, High Prairie, MD of Opportunity and Slave River. LAKE FM focuses on impacting those that want to make the most of their day. Nothing like listening to great music that fits their lifestyle with LAKE FM. LAKE FM offers you the only way to get your message in front area consumers on a daily basis. People have learned to tune in LAKE FM information since the events of 2011. Put your business visibility “Top of Mind” and right in front of your customers and those needing your product of service.