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Esther Bylsma


Sony MDR-XB 450 


Bowling Name:



Describe Your Home Town:

Beautiful, by the ocean on the East Coast, very colourful 


What You Like Best about your job:

The team I get to work with


 Who is your hero or role model: 

My Mom and Dad, they raised 8 kids


 Favorite Bands:

DC Talk, Penetonix, For King and Country 


Favorite Movies:

The Princess Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Beauty and The Beast, both cartoon and real life

 Favorite Food:

Anything my Mom makes....she owns a bakery

 Describe the perfect day:

A day with my husband, just being us together, or a live soccer game


Pet Peeves:

Band Wagon Fans 


Interesting Work History:

Security Guard at the casino in Fort Mac 



Be the Best you, you can be......ya Dr. Suess!!!