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Keith Hopper

- BOSE - High Quality = High Performance


Bowling Name:

- The Show Stopper

- The Sharp Dressed Man


Describe Your Home Town:

- Nanaimo BC - On Beautiful Vancouver Island!

A town that grew faster, than the town itself anticipated...


What You Like Best about your job: 

- Meeting People and finding out what makes the town tick!


Who is your hero or role model: 

- Any sports fan who grew up in BC that didn't have an idol in former Vancouver Canucks Play-By-Play Broadcaster Jim Robson was living under a rock!


Favorite Bands:

- Country Artists Live in Concert, Classic Hits with a good beat can also never go wrong.


Favorite Movies:

- Ask my wife - She's the movie expert...


Favorite Food:

- Chicken and Pasta - Builds up my energy, and it's somewhat healthy


Describe the perfect day:

- It doesn't matter what the day might entale, just as long as I spend the day with my wife.


Pet Peeves:

- People who use "Call Display" as an answering machine.

- People who send e-mails and messages on Social Media, and expect an immediate response.


Interesting Work History:

- Stock boy at the Old FW Woolworth Store (I'm showing my age)

- Delivered Prescriptions for the local Pharmacy

- Worked in the Warehouse at a Furniture Store



- The only person that anyone can be better than, is who they are right now! - Harry Morgan's Character, Col. Sherman T. Potter (M*A*S*H*)