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Chris Mullen

Headphones: Beats by Dre have to be my favorite headphones. 



Bowling Name: As of right now I am called "Billy the Bowler" 


Describe Your Home Town: Edmonton. Best known for it's Mall...You know the one I am talking about!  



What You Like Best about your job: I get to listen to music all day long and talk to you! Also, not many people see me...So pants are optional. 


Who is your hero or role model: Good question. My dad is pretty awesome!  


Favorite Bands: The Devil wears Prada, Haste The Day, Protest the Hero, Cancer Bats, AFI, The Ghost Inside, A Day To Remember... This list could go on for days but I'll leave you with those ones!



Favorite Movies: The Crow (The first one...those others don't count) Tucker and Dale Versus Evil and it's not a Movie but Todd and The Book of Pure Evil is a epic TV show! 


Favorite Food: Cheese but not goat cheese or blue cheese. Chicken is pretty high on that list as well and pasta...Great now I am hungry! 


Describe the perfect day: Rain rain rain, I'll take it any and every day over the heat


Pet Peeves: People who clip their nails on public transit...Seriously why should I have to dodge your clippings like Neo from The Matrix, People who roll their eyes at me. Slow walkers (Not talking about those who physically can't walk fast, I am talking those group of people who take up the whole sidewalk and stare at their phones and refuse to walk a decent speed!) 



Interesting Work History: I travelled all over Northern Alberta doing inventory and if you consider pushing carts at Home Depot then yeah I did that as well



Advice: HAHA! Seriously you're not going to want to take any advice from me...It'll get you in trouble!