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Michael Pruski


Audio Technica 40's


Bowling Name:



Describe Your Home Town:

I don't know how...how would you describe Edmonton?


What You Like Best about your job: 

I get to talk all day


Who is your hero or role model: 

Adam Richmond-"Man vs Food"


Favorite Bands:

Linkin Park, 21 Pilots, 3 Days Grace


Favorite Movies:

Lord of the Rings


Favorite Food:

DONAIRS!!!!!!......followed by tacos and cheeseburgers in no particular order.


Describe the perfect day:

Donairs, tacos and cheeseburgers!!!


Pet Peeves:

People that do not cap their pens, people who do not dim their high-beams on the HWY, When people have opinions about the way I eat..."YES I tasted it!!" 


Interesting Work History:

I worked at a burger restaurant, and spent 5 years as a warehouse manager! 



"Ride the Vibe" also.....Veggies are for salads!!