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Business Community Honoured in Slave Lake

They honoured Slave Lake's business community on the weekend.
The Chamber of Commerce presented their business awards for 2016 at the Legacy Center.
Brittney Giesbrecht is the President of the Chamber of Commerce.
She says it was a tough year, but the optimism is still present.
Nine awards were handed out...
Winners include:
- Southshore Hidden Treasures as Commercial and Retail Business of the Year.
- Schafer Mechanical Services as Oilfield Industrial Business of the Year
- Community Futures in the Lesser Slave Lake region as the Professional Business of the Year
- Mr. Mikes Steakhouse Casual as the Hospitality Business of the Year
- Water Pure and Simple as Business of the Year
- Bill Alook as Employee of the Year
- Tyler Warman as Business Person of the Year
- Ken Carpenter as the Spirit of Slave Lake Winner, and
- Tolko Industries in the Athabasca Division, and West Fraser Mills sharing the Employer of the Year award.