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RCMP have one in custody after standoff

Highway 33 between Kinuso and Swan Hills was closed on Wednesday night by police in response to a vehicle theft with an armed suspect.
Around 11:45 that morning Faust RCMP had set up a traffic stop and a vehicle that came through had be reported stolen from Slave Lake the previous night.
There was one man in the vehicles who then fled into the woods where police heard what they believed to be one shot from a firearm.
They weren't able to find him and later he stole another vehicle.
Road blocks were set up on Highway 33 and after a short chase, the suspect lost control of his vehicle and ran into the ditch.
He the barricaded himself in the vehicle.
At around 12 A-M the Emergency Response Team arrested the suspect without incident.
The 42 year old man is facing several charges from the incident, and his name can't be released at the moment.